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Emsisoft keeps spawning multiple processes

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I re-installed Windows 11 and when I installed Emsisoft, it installs but the little green icons multiply then go away then start to multiply. This happens over and over and renders my PC almost useless. I have uninstalled Emsisoft , rebooted then ran emsiclean then rebooted again. I ran emsiclean again and it said no trace of emsisoft found (or something like that). I installed Emsisoft again and same thing happens. Little shields multiplying and CPU goes to 100 percent. Has anyone run into this issue and if yes, what was the fix?



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  • sitedrifter changed the title to Emsisoft keeps spawning multiple processes

Hello @sitedrifter,

The issue you are experiencing is related to a graphical bug that we recently resolved.  However, some system are still experiencing problems. 

Try this,
1. Click your Windows start menu button, and type "cmd", without the quotes (Powershell won't work for this), then:
2. Click to "run as administrator" below the large  Command prompt 'icon'.
3. In the  black window that appears, type this, copy and paste ar also fine, and press enter when finished. Be careful to include the doublequotes:
cd "%ProgramFiles%\Emsisoft Anti-Malware\"
a2cmd /u
a2start /warp
Wait for the update to complete, then restart the computer. If you're using Windows 10, restart by right-clicking the Windows start button and using restart from the shutdown sub-menu. That performs a full restart instead of the cached rapid restart that is Windows 10's default.
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