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a2 service after a scan


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Win 10

Beta 11399.

Did a malware scan which lasted the usual 2 minutes.

Out of interest I looked at the details tab in taskmanager afterwards. a2service seemed very high.

Waited 15 minutes and looked again. It hasn't gone down at all, in fact it has gone up a little bit.


Screenshot 2022-03-02 144855.jpg

Screenshot 2022-03-02 150622.jpg

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1 minute ago, Frank H said:

Windows frees the RAM when it wants to, this is out of our control.

i just tested and RAM usage went down from 477MB to 376MB in 30 mins.

I have not usually seen it so high after a scan and it usually releases the memory quite quickly.

Pointed you too it because it is not usual behaviour on my machine.

This is after 1 hour


Screenshot 2022-03-02 155056.jpg

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