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Online Armor & Win. Server 2003 SP2

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Online Armor crashes Win. Server 2003 SP2.

I've tried this on a new installation of W2k3 and on an existing set-up.

My existing set-up runs fine with Online Armor

Version 5.0 does not mention support for W2k3, nevertheless it does install without warning,

AND it offers the option to upgrade Online Armor

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I can also confirm what OP says. For that matter, CP is right on target. Unfortunately it now has the distinction of providing the only BSOD that this (2k3) system has ever experienced ;) Since 4.5x ran so well and we wanted to upgrade to paid version on this server, well... how do you know unless you try? This means i can't buy a version that will work for this little server. sigh....

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As an aside I can tell you that Win2k3 server handles things differently than XP. For instance, i am unable to run Opera in anything but normal. In XP, Opera can be "run safer" but in Win2k3 problems arise which are obviously due to the changes [mainly permissions?] made by running it safer.

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