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[solved]How to run Security Wizard after the install?

Adam R.

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...Is it possible to run Security Wizard in Mamutu 3 after the install?

Hi Gienek,

I'm not aware of such feature & personally for a long time of using EAM & Mamutu that was not needed

There were just a few times for many years that I needed to Clean Reinstall due to using betas & experimenting "too much" :), and that always went fine ..., but that's it

Can you please clarify the matter , meaning -

Why would you think that the Wizard may be needed after the said Software is already in place?

Any specific scenario?

Please share your thoughts

My regards

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Well, I'm translating the Mamutu to Polish language so I would like to see the translation results in Security Wizard (these steps: http://www.mamutu.com/en/kb/articles/tec080308/#2.1)...

1st, thank you for the reply , Gienek & most importantly for you help with the translation

Now, I must uninstall Mamutu, reboot the computer and once again install to see Security Wizard

It seems like you have to do that , but I'm sure that will not stop you ;)

You work is much appreciated



Jeszcze Polska nie zginela,

Kiedy my zyjemy...

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