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Can't Update

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Hello guys,


Just noticed today that the anti-malware didn't update itself since 131 days.

When I try to update nothing happens.

No other firewalls here. 

Also purged the updates folders, no success.

Any tips guys? 

Thank you.



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Anymore info?

Which build number of EAM is installed?

Which operating system is used?

Have you tried uninstalling (using Emsisoft's own installer) and restarting the machine twice, and then reinstalling?

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the last updates on my 5 computers (Windows10/11) have been successfull 2022-04-02 between 23.30 and 23.55  UTC. 

After that, no updates possible without any error.

Now it's 2022-04-04 07.15 UTC (09.15 CEST) and just now updates are possible again with 2 files.

The update-protocol :

Allgemeine Informationen:
 Version 2022.3.0.11404
Verbindung: Direkt 
Update-Beginn: 04.04.2022 09:13:09 (CEST)
Update-Ende: 04.04.2022 09:13:09 (CEST)
Dauer: 0:00:00
 Update erfolgreich
 Weitere Informationen:
 2 Module, 1109 Bytes
a2trust.dat (353 Bytes) - aktualisiert
Signatures\20220331.sig (756 Bytes) - aktualisiert


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