Monitoring Autoruns (OA Premium)

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I've noticed that from time to time a program that is trusted/allowed but was not otherwise in the "autoruns" category will show up there without generating an alert.

(I've seen this with tax preparation and imaging applications by way of example.)

My preference would be (in standard mode) for there to be an option in "autoruns" that allowed you to generate an alert whenever any application tried to add itself to the autorun list.

Since that doesn't appear to be the case, can someone walk the "challenged" user (that would be me) through the steps necessary in the "File and Registry Shield" (advanced mode setting) to generate a simple alert whenever a program attempts to add itself to the autoruns list? Let's face it, even if a program is trusted that doesn't mean we want it starting with Windows. It may be used only very occasionally.

Unfortunately I am not knowledgeable when it comes to working with the registry (and avoid messing with it like the plague ordinarily) and don't know if my aim can be accomplished via the "File Shield".

So...anybody want to lend a hand here? Thanks in advance.

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Hi blues,

It's possible to do this using Registry Shield, however, there are somerthing like 150 autorun locations so as you can see, it wouldn't be a quick or easy thing to enter them all :( If you install something like SysInternal Autoruns for example you can see all the locations it list entries for and get some idea of the sheer volume of entries.

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Thanks, Cat. I actually do have that program and have used it to prevent certain programs, services and drivers from booting up with Windows.

I was hoping that there was something that I could use to pop up when something "new" (even if already installed on the computer) tried to add itself to the autoruns list.

Guess I'll stick with "WinPatrol" for now since it seems to do a good job with this despite most of the information being somewhat redundant (as OA monitors many or most of the same areas).

Would be an excellent feature for OA (in standard mode) to have an option to popup whenever something new tried to add itself to the autoruns. Oh well, we can hope, can't we? ;)

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