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Delayed feed stuck on 2021.12 on purpose?

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It seems like the delayed feed is still on 2021.12 (as of today, 05/Apr/2022). I was just wondering if this is on purpose (i.e. some stability issues in 2022.01 / 2022.02 that make these versions unsuitable for enterprise use), or if the delayed feed is stuck on 2021.12 by error. The delayed feed being stuck happened some time ago already, that's why I ask 🤗.



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I'm not saying / implying that 2022.01 or 2022.02 are having GUI or stability issues. 

I just wanted to know whether the delayed branch still being on 2021.12 ist due to a conscious decision on your part or whether this is due to a bug. ☺️

You said the delayed feed should indeed be on 2021.12, so I assume there is no reason to worry.

Thanks for the quick reply!

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