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OA prompts ALWAYS for some Chrom add-ons/extensions

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I installed Google Chrome browser (in more detail the secure variant Iron) and installed successfully some more extension.

Among these extensions there are two problematic:

1.) Screen Capture available from:


2.) Fireshot for Chrome available from:

Whenever I start now Chrome/Iron (on 64bit WIn7) then OA pops up a warning for these two add-ons requesting permissions. See attached snapshots.

Even when click/enable "remember my decision" the prompt re-appears at next start of Chrom/iron.


How else can I force OA to rememeber my permission?

Other add-ons are remembered successfully.


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Yes i am having the same problem with the google screenshot extension which uses npapi. It is strange since i have other extensions installed that use npapi and online armor seems to remember them just fine when i trust them, but it NEVER remembers for this particular extension. One work around is to add the extension folder to your excepsions list which prevents further pop ups.

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