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A GUI Bug and suggestion

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The bug

Win 7 .I use 800 x 600 settings. On installation of CNET Techtracker for some module OA put up an alert with the title not visible but the bottom options clearly visible.The image is attached. In case I try to drag the image down to see the top title of the alert , it does but again would not move up. Hence the bottom options are not visible now which is below the task bar now (sorry -- I forgot to snap a image). Any amount of skills will not lift the alert up again , and hence make the whole process redundant and had to start the installation all over again. Hope some thing could be done here.


Can the internet(program wanting to access the net) alerts alone be distinguished (say oval or round in shape) from the normal HIPS alerts. Even in the previous setup Mike himself assured to look into it. The user can keep the internet choice more discreet without an accidental permission.

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