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Error loading installation database 12/5

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Hello @max2,

Welcome to the Emsisoft Support Forums.

Please download and run the Emsisoft Cleaning Tool.  That will remove our software completely from the system, including the registry key that is responsible for the error message.

Download the newest Emsiclean from the following location: https://dl.emsisoft.com/Emsiclean.zip


Note that you must use the Emsiclean version appropriate for your machine, 32bit or 64bit. If you don't know, try the 64bit one first as it is far more common. The 64bit version should fail if you're using 32bit. The 32bit one will not remove things completely from a 64bit computer though, so it is important to use them in that order if you're not positive.


After you finish downloading, double click to open the zip file, then double click the 32bit or 64bit file to start Emsiclean. Read the disclaimer and click "Yes" if you agree. The program will scan your system for any remnants and display a list of everything it finds. It usually is safe to just remove everything except folders, unless you're sure you haven't intentionally saved anything to those folders. Emsisoft Clean can't know if the folder still contains any data you may have put there yourself, which is why those entries aren't checked by default. Emsisoft Clean is capable of removing the folders as well, but before you enable the check box in front of any folder entries, make sure you check their content for files you wish to keep.


Once you finish your selection, click the "Remove selected objects" button. The tool will eventually ask you to reboot. Save all your open work and perform the reboot as requested. After the reboot, you should be able to install Emsisoft Anti-Malware just fine.

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