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Online Armor User Interface

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I've been posting on my pc is infected forum and Shadow asked me to post this problem here.

I get a message box header: oaui.exe

Msg: instruction at 0x77d02239 referenced memory at 0x00000014 The memory could not be written, click to terminate program.

This was Shadow's response:

oaui.exe is the Online Armor User Interface. There appears to be a conflict, as OAUI is trying to write to a memory location that is either already in use or is a protected location. Which, of course, will cause OAUI to crash. Your slow loading issues may be related to OAUI.

You will want to start a thread in the Customer Support forums. Reference this thread.

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I found I actually didn't have the permanent firewall installed, just the trial. I downloaded the permanent one tonight. I have opened the computer a couple of times now with no problem, so maybe it was a problem with the free trial version.

I'll repost if I have more trouble.

thank you! :thumbs:

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