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Downloading AVG9 -remove A Squared

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Greetings from Spain

I have been tring to download the latest version of AVG ... AVG 9.0

(You can't have too much protection !!)

When installing, the process is terminated

"Some potebntially incompatible software is currently installed on your computer. In order to continue the installation, please remove the following applications ....[A Squared anti malware.... (mentioned by name)]"

I have disabled some of the protection ...

Surf Protection

Malware ID's,

as well as creating an 'Exclude' Rule ....

None of these seem to help.

If you click the don't install option on AVG's message ... you are directed to the Control Panel... to remove A Squared.

Not a chance ... A Squared has saved my back too many times !!

Any ideas ... it has to be simple ...I'm sure !!

Regards from sunny Spain



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Hi Highlander, and welcome to the forum

Please read this thread

Hope that will help

It is definitely AVG's problem. Have you tried to ignore the message as many did?

You posted into the Free section. As I understand you are using Anti-Malware Suite.

If so, we can move this thread after your reply

My regards


Another point for the future if you want to leave AVG, having Anti-Malware, please use AVG as on-demand scanner only.

I would even suggest going through Custom Setup and disabling additional AVG's services as LinkScanner etc.

You have to disable real time e-mail scanning.(OffTopic here)

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(You can't have too much protection !!)

Yes, you can.

AVG is an integrated Anti-virus, Anti-Spyware application.

a-squared Free and Anti-Malware is an integrated Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware application. Though a-squared Free is an on-demand scanner, it does load a resident service.

AVG should not be uninstalling any of your security protection.

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Hi Pfipps,

Please keep in mind that this is a "Free" section of the forum.

According to your opinion that you expressed few times - you are actually in "opposition" to "onAccess" scanning feature.

At the same time as you know EMSI Software are in a process of implementing it in the new version anyway.

As for AVG / Avira / Norton that's user's choice.

Symantec?!! God forbid! (my personal experience and point of view)

From my experience from several years of using different AV solution - a-squared has the highest rate of detection.

AVG has the lowest rate of FPs.

... Avira will not run proper on many computers, despite it's a decent and strong AV if it's working :-)

Please read this old thread ...

and since then I tried several other systems - that is still an issue

The antiviruse(s) as a whole is not a solution currently anyway.

They are not loosing the war yet, but they are not winning it as well - there is no chance - Period!

Few % difference in detections according to any contemporary test actually doesn't mean a thing in a hundred years.

So, what's working for you in your environment is subjective and objective at the same time

The Behavioural Blockers are the must have nowadays and they are "closer to reality" anyway ... but still can be tricked (as any sandboxing /virtualization whether the latter is the Software or the Hardware one)

Everyone have to choose and decide for him/her-self...

The strong opinion from "outside" do not matter really, since there are too many factors to consider...

Only personal experience and habits of using computer maters

Those who want just enjoy - will do whatever they want without applying any security and then just clean reinstall (unless they get that "special" Rotiks) ... Oh ! well... if such thing happens ... they will though away their old hard drive and get the new one... that is not very expensive now :-)



Recently I cleaned old very badly infected PC that was brought to my Office... pure horror ... a-squared Free and AVG did the job in combination.

Symantec has to be uninstalled prior to that. Needless to say that I found that McAfee Firewall had to be unistalled as well It was just sitting there and did nothing (practically behaving as Windows native Firewall- silent and allowing anything to be installed and "go out" to talk to "bad guys")

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