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installed now IE sketchy

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Microsoft Windows XP


Version 2002

Service Pack 3 32bit

i have the latest version of malwarebytes installed and this evening will probably reload superantispyware as well as my emsisoft freewares

that is what i have on a dell 380 workstation and yesterday installed

Online Armor Free RC from the majorgeeks.com location...i previously had the zone alarm firewall

now when i am on the internet it will pull up a page(say when i go to the my pc is infected forum)pulls up fine until i try to click on the link to get to my thread...it then starts saying that internet explorer could not display the page, will not refresh or pull up any other sites,and then i can no longer just reconnect to the internet without having to restart my computer...i am hoping i just need a seetings change or the like. thanks in advance

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Are you sure this is related to installing Online Armor? If you are still working with the Malware Removal experts on removing a malware infection, your system may not be running too well until it's been removed.

Under Options -> General there is an option to "Launch Online Armor at startup". If you untick this and reboot, OA won't be active and the Windows Firewall will take over. You could then see if the problem still occurs. However, you may want to wait until the malware infection is under control to see how everything is running when the machine is clean :)

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nope, not sure...in all honesty i am not very good with computers, but i do know that even though i have been having the other problems i didn't have this particular one until i had downloaded the firewall...SPD had me up and running well enough but is trying to kick out a trojan that keeps returning(apparently)...at this point i am on another computer to write this as i can no longer effectively gain access to the forums on the other one

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NOW i am sure :]...i clicked off the launch and rebooted as suggested and it is working as it was before...after SPD helps me get fixed all the way i would still be interested in having emsi's firewall(if it will be possible) so any suggestions or ideas are appreciated...thanks

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Okay, when you are ready (probably may be best to get the malware issue sorted first, but you can give this a try now if you like), try enabling logging for "Blocked events" under Options -> Firewall. Set OA to start at boot again and then reboot and browse until the problem occurs. When the problem occurs, right click the OA icon and choose "Show firewall log" and see if you can see any blocked events showing up there.

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