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How reinstall program

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OAF + + for x64 Windows 7 Internet Radio conflicts with OAF + + drivers and network Emsisoft - do not recognize the Realtek and restricts access to the connection - a network with limited access.

I made an attempt to remove the program completely in safe mode F8 (including the drivers installed in the final installation process) is not practicable

Revo 1.9 Uninstaler program does not remove everything exactly (only in this case!), Also YourUninstaler 7

How do I delete all the items and install cleanly, without installing the drivers and network Emsisoft?

Way not offer OAF++ Tool specifically to uninstall this program ?

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The recommended way to uninstall OA is to use OA's own uninstaller and then reboot twice to ensure the drivers are properly removed. This completely removes the program. It's not recommended to use third party uninstallers they can cause problems when uninstalling OA.

As to reinstalling, you can't reinstall the program without installing the drivers (with the exception of the TLEM network service). If the drivers aren't installed or you remove them manually later, the program will not function properly if at all.

It may help if you could describe the issue with Windows 7 Internet Radio in more details. I recall you were asking about translations of OA to other languages. I'm unsure which language you were after, but if PL stands for Polish, there is a Polish support section here http://support.emsisoft.com/forum/35-polish-support-pomoc-po-polsku/ if that's helpful to you :)

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