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I would like know in details the use of RunSafer in Emsisoft online armor in the use of it from the context menu when running malware, malwares that make downloads of dll, exe, etc., if the rest of them after the system is running by runsafer and after the program is closed or malware warning if they will keep the system up to be "caught" by the scan and also all the applications running within the sandbox after its closure if they are in the system, how the permissions are or not denied. Finally, how working in details the runsafer.

My system is Windows 7 Ultimate x64

My system in virtual machine is Windows XP SP3 x86

I would be grateful if someone could Emsisoft me to answer that question.

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RunSafer works by forcing the set program to run with limited rights (like a limited user account only on a per program basis). It can help stop some malware from succeeding in infecting you but only if that malware requires admin rights to do it's nasty deeds. RunSafer isn't a sandbox. You can read more about RunSafer here http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/KF-RunSafer.html

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