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Problem with Google Chrome and Firewall

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Using Google Chrome version 12.0.742.122 Operating System:Vista

Chrome stopped working - would open but not connect then give option to kill pages or wait,

Checked Online Armor and found it had blocked Chrome's access to ports 20, 80-81, 443, 843, 1935,2082-2083, 3011, 8000, 8079-8080, 8200, 9030, 9090, 10000, 37790

Allowed access to these ports and Chrome worked again.

Why did Online Armor block these ports and is unblocking these ports the correct thing to do? Has unblocking them created a security hole?


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Do you see anything recorded in History about the blocks?

Chrome would need access to ports 80 and 443 at least. Whether the others were necessary would depend on your browsing activities (various sites use other ports for streaming media, games etc). If you aren't sure, it's best to allow OA to create the rules for you as needed :)

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