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syeikh brisbane

What happen to my files...

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i need your help... :o

what happpen to this file..??..the file that i circle...

my thumb drive / pen drive is infected by a virus...and i did a scan using the emsisoft anti detect a virus and i delete it...

then,, open the thumdrive and see this files...I did a scan for the second time...nothing detection appear...

what happened to my files actually??... :(

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Hello, syeikh brisbane

If you choose to delete the detections, and the detections were made in the folders you have highlighted, then those files have gone. However, I would not expect the folder itself to be deleted.

Do you have the report from the scan so we can see the paths of the detections and which malware was identified? If so, please attach it to your next post.

For future reference it is recommended that any detections are thoroughly researched before action is taken against them. It is also an idea to quarantine detected items so they can be recovered in case the detection is a false-positive.

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Thanks for attaching the report. It is quite clear from the report that the detections cannot be attributed to the shortcuts you highlighted. Secondly, despite my initial mistake (thinking they were folders), shortcuts themselves are not by their nature malicious.

First of all - why are you worried about shortcuts - simply re-create them.

Secondly, one of the detections: G:\Basic Format\RemoveWAT22\RemoveWAT.exe detected: Riskware.Hacktool.Wpakill!IK - is a tool that attempts to bypass Windows Product Activation.

You can't expect help when a detection of a product that helps people to use potentially pirated copies of Windows is made.

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