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Are you using a HOSTS file in windows/system32/drivers/etc? What does the first entry say? Does the National Geographic address appear somewhere?

No, I checked that, all it has is localhost

::1 localhost

I searched the registry too, couldnt find any instances of it. I've cleared my temp files and my flash cookies.

Stumped on how to block it or remove it

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DNS request timed out.

timeout was 2 seconds.

Non-authoritative answer:

Name: natgeo.playp.biz


Aliases: mobilestore.nationalgeographic.com

Thanks, you're right, I don't know what this means or how to block it though. It's something recent and it

appears every time a program asks to use localhost.

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You could try using something like Ccleaner to clear the DNS Cache (it has an option to do this) and see if it reverts back to reporting "Localhost" as the remote address.

I tried ipconfig /flushdns (from the command prompt) it clears my DNS cache, but it doesn't seem to remove it

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