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(2nd shot) Response to "need super-duper computer expert..." answers

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Hi ya Lynx & Fabian ~

Aaaauragh!!!Okay, what to do now??? :unsure:

When I tried to attach the quarantine report to continue our initial topic posting with you, I got an error message that says "not permitted to upload this kind of file" What???

Sorry guys for being such a newbie, but I am MAJOR CONFUSED now just how this forum works!!! ...fighting this friggin' thing just to get online (I can go milk the cows, till a few fields and negotiate land AND taxes with the government whilst I wait!

***Here's the "I figured it out note"***

**For other newbies: the file saved directly FROM the a2 program must be coverted into a text file. It will be saved like a system file from a2 program. Open it with your notepad program and save it to your desktop. Notepad will make it into a text file which can be loaded into the forum page**

Question: Do we start a new post each time instead of continuing the topic initially posted?

Here's my original response (with amendments to remove explatives

I wish I could say all went well...but NOT! :( Though I followed instructions to the letter by updating a2, new scan and tried to submit the quarantine file to support...the submission failed! (huh?)

So...I am including the quarantine report as an attachment. Shocked even myself by having the forethought (OMG! I am slowly becoming my own hero, lol) to have saved the quarantine report to my desktop...before trouble began...WOW!

I think I need a super-duper "ninja :ph34r: hacker" to "go remote" on my system. Is it registry problems, viruses, or what??? I've totally lost it to nervous breakdown before in that false reality of my own mind...

This 'puter freezes up (for at least 10 to 20 minutes) loading ANY application! My yard has sooo many new flowerbeds, it's like spotted hills viewed from the air! Swinging a pick & shovel from frustration Kills me. Oh...the pain...the pain... Anybody know a fixer-uper dude for registry who works for free??? Just tell me what to do, okay? I'll git 'er done...or make a dandy new boat anchor!(What-eh-ver.)

Here's a share of FYI fer ya: this newest a2 scan showed my DVD Data Library is completely laced with virus! (Duh.)(Huh?) AVG sucked on finding that - a2 rules!

Thanks for all your help...I just know this 'puter will be beat into submission eventually!!!

Hangin' in... Mike :{D

Lynx and Fabian's response to "need a super-duper computer expert...":

"Hi Mikeyc3pro, and welcome to the forum

in addition to what Fabian Wosar suggested:

The a-squared's report (bugreport2) with quarantined suspected False Positive file was produced 10/31/2009

The report that not showing any flaggings (bugreport3) was produced 11/2/2009

If the False Positive will be confirmed after submitting the file from quarantine and subsequent rescanning it will be restored. If that will be the case but you still want to continue investigation after that, please update a-squared in order to rescan and attach fresh report.

If you are experiencing problems with system functionality please briefly describe them..." (trunicated purposely to save space)

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Hi Mikeyc3po,

Question: Do we start a new post each time instead of continuing the topic initially posted?

No, according to the rules that you read users cannot create another threads in this section regarding to the same problem.

Then this is not a discussion section.

If you want, you are welcome to create new thread in the respective section of the forum and ask any questions about a-squared and questions not related can be posted into the OFFTopic

Please continue in your initial thread as per instruction

I will lock this thread

My regards

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