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Gary Evans

Problem opening application

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Hi guys

Gary, please do what ctrlaltdelete suggested

as an a side note the said error will indeed occur when you run from withing archive, which is basically never recommended,

..but it may work if you use winRAR. It will not work for sure with winZIP or 7z. (just retested few min ago after reading your post)

My regards

Gary Evans,

Please extract the files first in a new folder before running EEK.

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We are glad that you can use EEK now, Gary.

Just for those who are curios - That's how it works when using different archiving utilities (see images attaches)

When double-clicking on executable – winRAR will extract everything and create whole (EEK in this case) ) folder structure 1st withing windows temporary directory. Then it will attempt to execute, which works.

On the other hand, double-clicking on executable when using 7z, as an example, will extract that particular item only. Sure, the program cannot find anything needed, … except... itself :)


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I created an EEK folder on my desktop. Downloaded Emsisoft Emergency Kit zip file, using Winzip. Selected all files and extracted to the EEK folder.

The only files within the folder are: autorun.inf ; CommandlineScanner.bat ; EmergencyKitScanner.bat ; readme.txt; and start.ext

I checked the file path on EmergencyKitScanner.bat and it says that the exe is in the Run/ folder. I looked at the files in Winzip and see that there are a lot of files in Run and Languages that don't seem to have extracted properly.

I also downloaded to a USB with the same problem.

What am I doing wrong??

**edited to add: when I click the properties of my EEK folder, it says that it's 1.65 MB -- and the download was 129 something is clearly wrong, lol.

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