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Very slow internet browsing - question on reinstall

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Have OA++ 5.00.1100 running on Windows 7. Have had OA++ installed for some months. Some time ago, possibly after an upgrade, browsing became extremely slow. Checked forum yesterday, and someone had a similar experience, but couldn't find the thread today. It's not the Avast thread nor the debugging thread. CatPrincess suggested a reinstall from scratch with a couple of reboots, which I think might well solve my problem. However, just wanted to check how to go about this first. If I download the trial OA++ and use my regular licence key will this become a normal installation? Also, if I wanted to use the current settings from the OA settings file would I be able to copy this file into the new installation? If so, how would I go about this? Grateful for advice.



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Hi Carol,

Yes, you can download the trial version and during the installation it will ask if you want to use the trial or if you already have full version key, then you'll be able to enter your license key. There are some screenshots of the installation process here :)http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/Installing.html

If you want to use your current settings, you can make a backup from the Backup/Restore tab before you uninstall. You'll be prompted where to save the backup; make sure you don't save it into the Online Armor folder as that will be removed when you uninstall. When you reinstall, and start to run the Wizard, you'll see this screen http://www.emsisoft.com/en/info/oa/Resources/scw.png and you can select the "Restore settings" options at the bottom and navigate to where your backup is located to apply it.

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Reinstall definitely helped with most sites, but there is still an issue with Google search and any related google sites. Is there anything i can do to improve this in OA settings? Google seems to be OK if I use it without OA, so assume there must be a setting issue. Grateful for any feedback.

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No, not https, just regular http. Strange though, because when I checked Google today, response times seemed more normal. Anyway, disabled WebShield, rebooted and seemed faster. Put WebShield on again and speed still seemed OK. No blocked entries showed up in firewall window in either case.

Just checking again before completing this message. No, Google is slow again. But now I'm beginning to suspect an intermittent issue with the ISP. I had considered this previously before posting, and there have been issues with the ISP and Google sites, but had also tried disabling OA several times over a number of days and found a much faster response when it was disabled. I wonder now if there is an intermittent ISP issue, and strange though it may seem, wonder if it could have been coincidence with OA. Not sure. Anyway, will keep checking and see what happens, I guess.

Thanks for your help.

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