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Scan calls for reboot, freezes then BSOD


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When running regular weekly scan, Emsisoft asked to reboot system. Clicked yes, screen froze, did hard shutdown after 40min, rebooted to BSOD with "unmountable boot volume." Now won't do safemode, return to last good configuration, recovery says no hard drive, and cdrom recognized but won't boot XPPro install disks or other restore, diagnose or repair disks. Please help.


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Hi Laurie,

1st, in order to provide more information about your system please follow forum rules

Then, have yo saved the report so users & developers we can see what was detected?

Was “Action on scan end” set to Quarantine? (It is better to set for Reporting only)

Similar apply to Guard's “Default action for detected objects” being set to Alert only.

It is hard to provide any help without some additional info , except saying (speculating) that some vital system component(s) was quarantined or deleted.

Moreover, we don't know whether any other AV with real-time (“onAccess”) were active during the scan by EAM. In this case, one of those could be responsible

My regards

p.s. {added}

- Since you've tried Last Known Good Configuration and that failed,

you may probably consider (or rather end with) using Linux Live CD. In this case it hopefully will be possible to recover Quarantined content if any and try to restore

- But before that... Were you able to access BIOS (as a matter of fact) and at least reset/load into 'Fail-Safe' defaults and sure changing boot sequence to CD being 1st?

- Many additions to the post above :), but worth mentioning – that could be just coincidental hardware/file system corruption. Just a few sources below :

boot.ini or HD failure

Unmountable Boot Volume

other fixing tips... and so on

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