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I'm not sure if this is by design: in the Processes window when I scroll down I will see a number of "No" and "Yes" entries in the Monitored column.

I found it strange that so many processes were not being monitored so I double clicked some of them only to read in the Application rule pop-up that yes, they were being monitored.

Could someone enlighten me on this?


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Hi Jose_Lisbon,

I think that is not a bug but rather an “indication issue”, which can be improved

Processes window shows currently active processes.

It respectively shows (Yes/No) for those Applications where Rules were created if you ever received an Alert from Mamutu and responded respectively or deliberately set a rule without getting an Alert.

At the same time I would agree that some indications there are not very comprehensive

For example, “No” means “Excluded” if such rule was created by the user, but there are some “NO's” :) for those Applications that are still being monitored silently or excluded, because say they belong to trusted known Applications.

That is definitely not clear and I hope that the developers shed some light on that

a side note: Unfortunately there is no Help for Mamutu. Clicking on a “? Help” link will fire up help file for Anti-Malware, where I couldn't find the description of the feature we are discussing now

Let's hope that will be fixed as well

My regards

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Thanks for the answer Linx, that explains it.

As you said, it can be improved.

For ex. I had Avast as "Yes" and when I excluded it it turned "No" and joined other "Nos" which are still being monitored.

The Help pane could use with some update as well.



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