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Allowing updates of programs

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Can allowing updates of programs (Do not notify update of this program option) like Web Browsers lessen security in anyway?

Hi Gerald,

That definitely does not reduce security provided by Mamutu.

You are talking about auto-updates of a Software (browsers in this case), if I got you question correctly.

The update process is a new process every time and it has to be monitored by Behavioral Blocker

I'm not sure what comer meant, but I assume he/she is talking about excluding program from monitoring

Well if the is a browser itself excluded ... again... the update/ clear re-installation/ etc. will be monitored.

Moreover, even when the main executable is excluded the child processes create are monitored (say, you may get alerts about plugins container updates or any extension newly installed or updated, if Mamutu consider some danger

That's how I see it

In addition you may consider at least temporarily set "Paranoid Mode" and most likely you will see several additional Alerts related to what you are concerned about

My regards

p.s. recently we discussed auto-updates. Many users are never setting Auto-updates (except for some security Software), because those could interfere. There was even MS advice mentioned where unexpected failures can happen during MS patches auto-update if another software is updating as well at the same time,... but that's completely different to what you've asked.

Mamutu's security will not be reduced (redundant, but worth being repeated :) )

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