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file not foud

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Hi Piotrex44, welcome to the forum

There is not enough info in order to answer your question

Have you saved the report of what was detected?

Please see this recent thread which can somehow explain at least one of the possible reasons where "files cannot be found"

Do you have "Default action for detected objects" set to "Block & quarantine"? and respectively "Action on scan end" as "Quarantine..."?

If so - reset those to "Alert" - notify only

In this case you can report what was detected in the 1st place so the developers can see ... especially when you are stating that: "The problem occurs quite often with different threats"

My regards

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Thanks for the reply and the video, Piotrex44

Well that's 1st time I've seen something like that when EAM is performing Shell Extension scan

Can you please send that "search=client_8.exe" (could miss some due to video quality) file residing in the C:\ root to Emsisoft developers?

address: [email protected]

Create passworded archive (ZIP or RAR) password : "fp" (no quotes)

My regards

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Good morning,Piotrex44

I received the file, thanks

As a matter of fact, yesterday I did not see an image that you posted as a part of the initial request. The site was blocked & even a picture placeholder wasn't there :blink: I allowed the site this morning

I can confirm that EAM will flag the file with the same “side-effect” (image attached)

Few things to add:

- you may consider following the advice as in the message after attempting to quarantine and visit Malware Removal section;

- This file is flagged by many including AVG here. I never have auto-quarantine /auto-delete option set by any security, but I tested and file was perfectly removed by AVG when I changed the said setting. File was gone and EAM's detection list was empty;

- Was Avast real-time resident active during the scan and what are the respective settings as mentioned above?

Anyway I'm sure we'll get an explanation from the developers


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... in EAM 6 beta, this problem does not occur...
Thanks Piotrex44,

True - no issues (detection/quarantining/deletion) when testing with the latest beta 6 on win7 x64

My test as above confirming a problem was performed on XP Pro 32bit with EAM v5.1.0.16

My regards

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