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Question about BISS Blocklist

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I am currently using the Online Armor Blocklist from COU but it has not been updated since last year and am planning to use the BISS Blocklist or OA Premium. I see that there are quite a number there at the BISS site.

What will I select there? I am confused since I was accustomed to use just the COU Blocklist and it only contained one list.

Can someone guide me here on hoe to use it please....

Thank you!

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Hi Catprincess,

Thank you for the reply. Yes, I saw that but that got me confused on what to select and how to apply it. I downloaded the 'Blocklist Manager' there and some of the zip packages but have not applied it. I still have the OA-COU blokclist applied in OA Premium as of the moment.

Please allow me more questions as I really a jittery I might "bork" out something in the set-up.

1. Can I just select a few from the list at the BISS site? Or, I should select all and apply it?

2. What are the advisable blocklist that I should download and apply? On everyday normal surfing, forums, YouTube, Facebook and software sites, etc, what maybe some effective list that I should download and install?

3. Can I remove the existing OA-COU blokclist or they (BISS and COU) can co-exist? What is advisable?

Pardon for the questions as I need to understand it first prior installation...Maybe someone using the BISS Blocklist can help me or something...

Thank you!


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