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Forum software updated to 3.2.1

Fabian Wosar

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Using IE9 I can copy and paste info into this post as I am writing it, but the words I am copying must come from somewhere else.

For example if I want to cut or copy something from WITHIN the post I am writing the options are greyed out on right-click.

So if I say something like 'Fabian has said I can have a new laptop and £1000', I cannot highlight those words now and cut them out.

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Greetings all!

Previously, users/guests visiting the forum could access EmsiSoft site when clicking on the logo, which was quite useful & convenient

That was lost “few forum layout updates ago”, but fixed within minutes after my request.

I've noticed (unfortunately just now) that the said functionality is missing again and clicking on the logo means “back to the forum's home page”

Was that done deliberately this time?


that can that be changed? , which is according to my my personal opinion, would be preferable


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