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Hi bob77, welcome to the forum

Real-time e-mail scanning (if that's what you are requesting) is not implemented in EAM, which is good ...

Real-time e-mail scanning is rather very damaging feature and has to be disabled in any security solution that you are using, despite the option is available - you are basically facing loosing all you e-mails because of that

There were many discussions re: the matter here in our old forum and "out there"

If you want, we can provide some links to the articles by e-mail security experts who are encouraging to disable the said feature ASAP

Just do not click on e-mail links without investigating the source of a link & if you received attachments - just download them into dedicated folder & scan after that with all available AV solutions (chosen as main one with real-time or those that you have as on-demand). Sure that is not 100% bulletproof with any AV, but at least all you existing e-mails are safe.

Other than that - any attempts to "accidentally" run something because of that in case you were not taking suggested precautions, will be handled by "onExecution" scan by EAM or it's Behavioural Blocker

My regards

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Thanks for the reply , bob77

Sure, it's possible. Here are just a few links below

Actually, articles supporting the necessity of Turning OFF real-time e-mail scanning can be found by Googling e.g.: “do I need antivirus email scanning”; “disabling email scanning” and alike.


“The Most Common Cause of Corruption” by Tom Koch from Microsoft http://thundercloud....nning/index.htm

Other quotes&links regarding the subject http://www.eggheadca...r-send-ema.aspx

Pa Bear’s credentials as a Mail and Security expert

~Robear Dyer (PA Bear) MS MVP-IE, Mail, Security, Windows Desktop Experience - since 2002; AumHa VSOP & Admin http://aumha.net; DTS-L http://dts-l.net/

Disable email scanning by your anti-virus application. It provides no additional protection, it may be causing the problems, and even Symantec says it's not necessary:

Disabling Email Scanning does not leave you unprotected against viruses that are distributed as email attachments. Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect scans incoming files as they are saved to your hard drive, including email and email attachments. Email Scanning is just another layer on top of this. To make sure that Auto-Protect is providing the maximum protection, keep Auto-Protect enabled and run LiveUpdate regularly to ensure that you have the most recent virus definitions.


a side note : In addition to not using AV e-mail scan as a cause of corruption there are advices for Outlook users how to manage Identities and avoiding automatic compacting emails; not using Main InBox and Sent Box as a storage but rather moving messages from there into specially created folders, etc. Here is a very good quote from http://www.vistahead...l-scanning.html

There is some anecdotal evidence that the newer Windows Live Mail is more resistant to corruption from aggressive antivirus programs, so an alternative for you would be to try it

More resistant? :) Well done, Live Mail! … but who needs "resistance" here? Why one should wait for the antivirus corrupting email?

Hope, reading the above would help.

I'll PM you an excellent article written by H_D, who is a moderator and a great helper here for a long time. The article was posted into Offtopic section in our old forum


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... i have just purchased Emsisoft anti-malware, please can you recommend settings for best security? :D

You are welcome.

Congratulation! That's wise decision

At the same time it's highly advisable to create new request regarding different issue(s)

This thread was about real-time e-mail scanning

It is not appropriate & impossible to handle "all matters" within one thread

======== Please review & test all available options starting from defaults

My personal advice - never use auto-quarantine/ auto-delete using any security (EAM included)

I will refrain myself from any further comments regarding any new questions here . If you have any - you'll get answers & assistance in newly created thread(s)

Thanks for understanding. Cheers!

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