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how do I make it shut up about GoogleUpdateSetup.exe

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I see some threads about this but nobody quite says how to fix the problem.

I'm using Online Armor on Windows XP. I have Google Chrome and Google Talk, and something, probably one of those two programs, keeps on trying to update itself with GoogleUpdateSetup.exe. I feel confident that this isn't a bad program, so I want Online Armor to trust it. But the program is in a different directory every time or something, so Online Armor thinks it's different every time and refuses to stop prompting me. How can I fix this?

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Perhaps try setting GoogleUpdateSetup.exe as an installer and see if this helps. You can do this by double clicking the GoogleUpdateSetup.exe entry in the Program's list and ticking the "Installer" box in the Advanced Options dialog.

That's what I do, but the Google Boys are always changing their installers, so OA quite rightly wants your permission before they run. (In fact, Google installs a large number of updating software: in my case, with Google Earth and Google Talk installed, two Google Update services are running, as well as a couple of start-up and login items. It's like a California style beach party: you invite a few Google programs, and they bring all their friends with them.)

My solution to this would be to be able to designate (in OA's "Advanced" mode) certain code-signing certificates as "Trusted", in the sense that each time an executable signed with that certificate runs, OA will silently verify that the certificate is current and not revoked and that the signature on the executable is valid. The "Trusted" certificates would be extracted from executables and stored by OA for future comparisons--or maybe just storing the serial number, thumbprint, and certification path would be enough.

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