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hello, i recently purchased Emisisoft Anti-malware,Great Product, i see that there is a option to also download, use beta updates, is this a ok thing to do, the machine i use is a everyday machine, not a test machine, thank you, i am looking forward to version 6 thank you :rolleyes:

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Hi bob77,

Basically, from my experience of many years using "beta updates" within available version (currently v5) was (is) pretty much safe.

At the same time, since you are new user it would be better:

- to stick to the stable version;

- check requests/ report issues if any;

- be aware of "Changelogs"

Sometimes you may be advised to test things which are currently in beta , but not yet merged into the stable release,

but again that is your personal choice ... any betas potentially may bring some instabilities

As for v6 - that is not public beta release yet. Wait for official announcement


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