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I've been using OA for quite a long time.

It's very dependable and very predictable... until yesterday.

Yesterday I installed a new program (KeyScrambler), so I switched OA to Learning Mode.

The install went fine.

I don't think I switched it back, but I rebooted as required for the software install, and to the best of my recollection, OA started in Learning Mode.

Not a big surprise, I then disabled Learning Mode and ran the computer for a few hours.

Next time I rebooted, it started up in Learning Mode again, and I had to once again disable Learning Mode.

Now it seems like on every reboot, OA is starting in Learning Mode.

Something changed, and I'd like to get it back to the way it was.

Edit in: I may have posted about this problem too soon. I just tested it a couple of more times and on each reboot, OA did NOT start in Learning Mode... it started like it is supposed to. Hmmmm.

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Hi Screeno,

The same thing happened to me in the past. I solved the issue disabling Learning Mode, then subsequently enabling and disabling it again - one after the other.

On the next reboot OA didn't enter Learning Mode anymore - when it is not supposed to.



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