Surf Protection Problem

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Hi kenpachizero, welcome to the forum

Surf protection is based on hpHosts file was blocked there for a long time already

There are indeed some new blockings added re:

Before that was only, but now there are more (download & check recent hpHosts)

If you personally considering the sites as trusted - just change the respective rules in EAM

My regards

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Thanks for the reply, you are welcome

It seems that EAM has a bug re : the matter you've raised

I can access both sites mentioned with no issues using multiple browsers ( Firefox, Chrome , Iron, Opera, IE8/9)

Systems – XPpro 32 bit & win 7 x64

What I mean - there sites are accessible despite the recent hpHosts indeed has both sites blocked (hope you've downloaded it and checked as suggested above)

At the same time if you search EAM's “Built in List” at the moment for or you cannot find it

You have to rise at Support Ticket & I'm sure the developers will reply

a side note : EAM stable v5.1.0.16 on XP & EAM RC v6 beta were tested ... I don't need to edit any rules currently since both sites are accessible & working fine


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