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Huge update needed! Surely not?

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Late yesterday, I checked a-squared for updates and guess what? It announced that an update of approximately 49MB was available. This despite the fact that it was less than 18 hours since my previous update. Over 50 updates in less than 18 hours? I don't think so! How much longer is this farcical situation going to go on for?

As it happens, the program backed down after I cancelled the update, checked again and was offered an update of 954KB which I got, followed by an update of 274KB a few hours later. Maybe this was a rare glitch, but I doubt it. If it ever happens that I can't get rid of the apparent need for an enormous update, a-squared will be promptly uninstalled. I would be sorry to do this as a-squared is basically a good program apart from flagging up too many false positives, but I can't be spending hours in getting unnecessary updates.

Just a quick rant! At least my number of malware signatures agrees with the number on the Homepage.

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I wrote about the problem a few weeks and have tried to be careful about updating frequently, or twice a day. Once when cranking up the computer in the morning, and again in the evening.

Today, 11/16, I searched for updates at 09:28 AM today. Awhile ago, at about 3:30 PM, I searched for updates again and was offered one of 49748 MB. This is only about 6 hours and is unacceptable. If this was a one time occurence and/or the developers were working to resolve the problem, it might be understandable. But as another poster said, they apparently shrug their shoulders and are willing to lose we dialup users.

I will be bringing this up in other forums and see how widespread this problem is. But like Madeline, I am done with A-Squared until and unless they completely debug the product. :(

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Ah ok, then everything is fine. IKARUS released a completely new database yesterday because of some database format changes.

This is interesting even though I'm now an ex-user of a-squared and I'd like you to answer a question for me. Do Emsi do anything to help dial-up users like me? I have such a connection because it's all I can get where I live - it's that or nothing. My fastest connection speed is 45.2Kbps and I get cut off after 4 hours although I can reconnect almost immediately if I want to.

My question is does a-squared support resuming a download? If I was to be disconnected, would my download be allowed to continue from where it left off after a delay of 1-2 minutes or would I have to start all over again?

I normally use a download manager for all downloads as, if my connection is dropped for any reason, it will resume a download from where it left off even after a reboot. I can't do this with very large a-squared updates and I can't stay on line long enough to get them.

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