OA randomly blocked 2 established programs.

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This machine has had OA installed for a few months, but a few days ago, suddenly blocked two programs that run at startup.

One is a program that was not only "Allowed", but I believe also "Trusted". The other is my graphics driver software (it places an icon in the systray that provides access to various settings and information).

The History simply says that the "Program Guard" "Blocked" both programs after a restart, even though there had been a previous restart on the same day (and many more since installation of OA) without any problems.

Neither of these programs has changed, so why would OA suddenly do this?

OA v4.5.1.431, Windows XP SP3.

Thank you.

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There is a bug that can cause the settings of a previously allowed and trusted program to be forgotten after a period of time. This will be fixed for the next release. The fix is also already present in the 5.1 public beta, publically available now here http://support.emsis...51-public-beta/

Even if it had "forgotten" the settings, it seems strange that the first time this program was detected, it was trusted by OA, but now when it is detected (like new), it is not trusted. This is inconsistent. It also seems odd that it would forget in the middle of a day, rather than after the date changed.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to be something that can be beta tested, as it has taken months to suddenly happen. I suppose I will just have to install the newer version and hope that it never happens again.

One other thing is that although I have allowed the graphics driver startup .exe, it's purpose seems to be to load another .exe, but this is now being blocked. If I check the advanced options for the startup program, everything is set to "Ask", but I am not being asked if it should be allowed to start another program. The action is simply blocked. How can I get to see the prompt?

Thank you.

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