Integration of Emsisoft Updates into ipfire's updatebooster (updxlrator)

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I already had integrated my old AV products updates into the update accelerator for my IPCop. Since I am migrating to IPFire now I'd like to use it also for Emsisoft updates: http://wiki.ipfire.o.../update-booster

But there is no documentation about the servers and file extensions used by EAM. This is an example of avast in "/usr/sbin/updxlrator"

    	# -----------------------------------------------------------
    	# Section: Avast Downloads
    	# ----------------------------------------------------------- 

    	if ($dsturl =~ [email protected]^http://download[0-99]\.avast\.com/.*\.(exe|zip|vps|stamp|vpu)[email protected])
    	$from_local_cache = &cache_access($dsturl,$hostaddr,$username,"Avast");

I'd really like to save some traffic for us and Emsisoft. Is there anybody who could give me the needed information?

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Emsisoft Anti-Malware updates are stored packed and crypted on our update server farm. There is no way to just grab a file listing.

However, to speed up updates and cache locally for several of your PCs, just use the included UpdateProxy:

It's a free tool included in the installation.

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