Any subtleties to watch for with 2 profiles on same PC?

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There are three Dell laptops in our house, each running Windows XP Pro with all the updates (SP3), AVG free version 9 (version 2011 was not very compatible with anything), and the current version of OA Free. We are using Firefox 3.6.20 (latest update) and a few add-ons like AdBlock Plus but nothing very complex.

Two of the laptops have only one user account on them. The other has two, both in the Administrator group.

I have been working on them for days due to problems with videos on the site

One of the laptops plays videos there fine. One of them did not, until I threw out my ancient Sygate firewall and installed OA. Now it works great.

The third one is the problem. It has the two user accounts on it. The videos on that site play fine on one user account and not on the other. They didn't play on either account till I made the same firewall change to OA, now one account works.

That's a longwinded background for why I'm asking: Are there any settings or quirks to be aware of if I install OA under one user account and it runs for both? Especially with ports, internet access, or plugins and media players? Befpre I create a new profile on that PC (a third one!) and delete the offending one, I thought I'd ask if there was anything I should be checking. The problem occurs with Firefox and also with IE so it's not a browser-specific issue. Other sites play flash movies fine, such as YouTube, pbskids, etc. The Test Kitchen site uses flowplayer as its flash base. Thanks!

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What version of OA are running? If you are running an older version (the latest version of OA Free is you may need to add the site as Trusted to the Websites list. In the latest version the Web Shield works differently and this wouldn't be necessary.

If you enable logging under Options -> Firewall for Blocked events and check the Firewall log window when trying to play the videos, does anything show up as being blocked?

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