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Connection to licensing service failed

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Hi I've never had this prob. on other occasions that I've re-installed OA.

I received the error message above plus "Socket Error #10060 connection timed out. Do you want to adjust internet settings?"

The internet connection is working ok to emisoft web-site and other sites so I'm a bit puzzled. Since I've been with OA for three or four years could the internet address that the OA executable is currently using be no longer recognized, or could it be just plain old operator error?

Background - to clear out a year's worth of crud I re-installed windows and all apps. When I got to OA I logged in to the website and went through the reset wizard. The little green arrow does not appear in the reset box, but I can't remember whether it should. Anyway I don't seem to be able to re-reset it if that is what's needed. The product is shown currently as not activated.

I turned Avira off, disabled malwarebytes, click on oaui.exe and the scrolling thermometer appears headed "Activating Online Armor" after about a minute I get the error message.

Kind regards



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Thanks Christian, maybe that's the problem, although the previous version I was using had updated to the current version number, it wasn't retained when I re-installed everything and I only have the original purchased version which is So is the way out of this to download the latest free version and then register it using my existing registration number which still has about a year to run?


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