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Guard State

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Hello, in searching the help I could not find a description of these Guard States; Gaming Mode, reguar mode, timed mode.

So what is the difference between Gaming Mode and turning off File Guard and Behavior Blocker or shuting down Guard?

I need this because Ninja Trader and Thinkorswim are slowed down by Emisisoft. I'm day trading stocks and can't have the software lagging behind. Using Windows XP on a four processor PC from Falcon.



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1. Gaming Mode suspends all EAM notification, so you won't be bothered with update pop-up when in middle of a fight in game or while watching romantic movie :) EAM works normally, you just don't receive any pop-ups.

2. Regular Mode is just what name says. It's your default EAM settings you use everyday.

3. The time mode you are referring to is probably a way to temporary disable EAM (both notifications and malware detections).

If you have problem with certain application and you're sure it's safe you can exclude it from EAM monitoring. Navigate to Guard → File Guard → Manage whitelist and add program main executable, process name or simply whole directory to where your app is installed.


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