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I did a scan using a-squared free and it detected these files HKEY_CLASSES-ROOT\clsid\{147a976f-eee1-437

most of them attached here on this post.

Can somebody pliz help me my computer's running at snail's pace recently.

Thank U

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Hi althegreatest, and welcome to the forum

We cannot judge by file names but "Transcender\FM.exe" may be “potentially unwanted”

If you wish you can submit the file to the developers for the analysis from the detection list (or from the quarantine, since you did that already) in order to find out whether it is False Positive flagging or not.

Cookies are harmless and they are never representing danger and threats.

You should clean them before the scan (the report will be easier to read)

At the same time, according to your description of the system behaviour and detections like “MyWebSearch Toolbar!A2”. "FunWebProducts!A2", etc. I would suggest you'd rather visit Malware Removal section of the forum for complete check up

In addition as the subject line stated you most likely received the message from a-squared about inability to quarantine/delete as in


Read the following instructions

START HERE, if you don't we are just going to send you back to this thread <--click

Prepare and post (attach) the required log files into Malware Removal section of the forum

(create new thread there)

Wait for reply from ShadowPuterDude, Katana, or JeanInMontana

for assistance and further instructions.


My regards

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