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Help removing TrojanZlobIK


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Hi beezman, and welcome to the forum

Since you posted into this section of the forum, please follow instructions referred below.

Keep in mind that if you will investigate two computers in this section it would be necessary to create separate thread for another PC, since the log files will be needed for both PCs and there are differences in configurations.

Please give provide brief description of system's misbehaviour if any

In addition read P.S.

Here is a standard procedure of this section:


Read the following instructions

START HERE, if you don't we are just going to send you back to this thread <--click

Prepare and post the required log files into this thread

Wait for reply from ShadowPuterDude, Katana, or JeanInMontana

for assistance and further instructions.


Translation Links for Forum Instructions

My regards

P.S. Are you using DropBox synchronization Software?

If so, and irrespectively submit flagged entries to EMSI developers for analysis in order to find out whether the detections are False Positives

You can create new thread in the respective section of the forum if you have questions about submissions and the ways to investigate the matter.

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Thread Closed

Reason: Lack of Response

PM either ShadowPuterDude or Lynx to have this thread reopened.

The procedures contained in this thread are for this user and this user only. Attempting to use the instructions in this thread on your system could result in damaging the Operating System beyond repair. Do Not use any of the tools mentioned in this thread without the supervision of a Malware Removal Specialist.

All posters requesting Malware Removal assistance are required to follow all procedures in the thread titled START HERE, if you don't we are just going to send you back to this thread

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