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Firewall Programs & Ports List Problem.

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I have Automatically allow Trusted programs to access the internet and Autoconfigure trusted programs disabled in Firewall Options. I like to build my own.

Firefox seems to have vanished from from the Programs list in the Firewall. It is still listed under Ports and the rules I built still work OK. Using Add, I select firefox.exe and... nothing.

Since I noticed that, plugin-container.exe poped-up a "A program wants to use the internet" for port 80 and I created a rule for that. plugin-container does not appear in either the Files or the Ports list though I can observe it active on port 80 in Firewall Status.

I haven't yet seen where other connected apps I've built rules for don't show up in the Files and Ports lists, but I'm just getting started. But the lack of access to the entries for editing is disturbing.

Is this a GUI bug?

Any ideas on how I can fix those listings for firefox.exe and plugin-container.exe?


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If you create a rule for "Current session only", it won't appear in the list of rules. I'm not sure if this was the case with your plugin container rule?

This wouldn't explain why the Firefox rule went missing though. You could try deleting all Firefox rules and let OA prompt you again and see if the rule in Programs gets readded then perhaps.

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Although I can't bet my life on it, I'm pretty sure I did not check current session when plugin-container popped up an alert. The only time I did that was when I went to a filestube dot com which likes port 8087 - a good test for my 80 & 443 only browswer rule (as is yahoo's Web Messenger, ports 843 and 5050, and 1935 popular with Flash servers).

In the meantime, I've been using OAP trial on my ancient Dell P3 laptop (which I won't be licensing) that is similarly configured with XPsp3-32 as the Intel E8400 Asus tower which has been the center of discussions so far. The File entry for firefox.exe is gone also.

On the laptop, I deleted both firefox.exe and plugin-container from the Programs list, opened Firefox (which was re-trusted) and re-ruled as needed it's now in the Friewall Programs list again. No activity as of yet for plugin-container.

Per your suggestion, on the tower, I deleted the Ports rule for Firefox and rebuilt them successfully. But Firefox did not re-appear in the Firewall Files list. I will re-create the Programs deletion I did for the laptop.

Attached is a shot from the laptop. I think this firefox thing is a bug; I'm hoping it doesn't happen with other apps.

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The firewall programs/ports listing bugs continues to plague OA++ and OAP on both my systems.

I have since my September posting of this thread experienced the consistent failure of plugin-container.exe in several versions of Firefox and the Mozilla-based Pale Moon. I'll create loopback and port 53, 80 and 443 rules for it and the browser and 100% of the time plugin-container.exe will fail to appear under the programs and ports tabs while firefox.exe or palemoon.exe might appear but will eventually vanish. Or not.

Further, it is not uncommon for other programs to exhibit the same beahvior. Yesteday I tried Hitman Pro on both my systems creating rules as promted. And on both systems, well, the screenshots from the XP box tells it all.

I can assure you I pay strict attention to the checks when I create the rules as this bug has brow beaten me into doing so. I sure wish this would get fixed.


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