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Trojan Zlob!IK found by a-squared


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a-squared found the Trojan Zlob!Ik which I moved to quarantine.

After looking at the forum I have now followed the steps required and rescanned the computer as I didn't save the log on the first scan.

The Trojan has been again located in the restore folder.

My computer has been running very very slowly

Any advice would be appreciated

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Your a-squared log shows an infected Restore Point.

Antivirus Tools Cannot Clean Infected Files in the System Restore Folder.

The System Restore feature in Windows protects all folders and files in the System Restore folder on the Windows partition. This folder and all of its subfolders are the data store that the System Restore feature uses to restore your computer's operating system to a previous state from a previous point in time.

Although some antivirus programs may have the ability to work with files that have been compressed or stored in .zip or .cab file format, the System Restore feature does not permit these utilities to manipulate these files within the data store. The data store is protected for data integrity purposes, and the System Restore feature is the only method you can use to obtain access to the data store. Because of this, the antivirus program is unable to remove the virus from the file or files in the data store. The files in the data store are inactive and can be used only by the System Restore feature.

Otherwise your logs show no malware.

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