No output from a2cmd

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I downloaded a2cmd (latest). When i run the scan against eicar file. its not detecting any virus. I also updated the patterns manually.

Am i missing something

below is the output

C:\avscan\engines>a2cmd /f=c:\avscan\filestoscan\

a-squared Command Line Scanner v.

© 2003-2008 Emsi Software GmbH -

a-squared Command Line Scanner - Version 4.5

Last update: 11/17/2009 9:27:15 PM

Scan settings:


Scan archives: Off

Heuristics: Off

ADS Scan: Off

Scan start: 11/18/2009 12:50:19 PM



Files: 1

Traces: 0

Cookies: 0

Processes: 0


Files: 0

Traces: 0

Cookies: 0

Processes: 0


Files: 0

Traces: 0

Cookies: 0

Processes: 0

Scan end: 11/18/2009 12:50:19 PM

Scan time: 0:00:00

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Hi shehzad, and welcome to the forum

I am sure you will succeed after adding the parameter as Christian Peters suggested


In addition do not forget to disable real-time resident of your Antivirus (if you are using such) before testing

You can Search this and our old forum for “Eicar” (no quotes) there are tones of discussions

My regards

P.S. Just a note the future:

Please attach reports and provide info about your system as in Forum Posting Rules

You forgot to use the flag /a, /archiv to scan archivefiles.

Use command: a2cmd /f=c:\avscan\filestoscan\ /a

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