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CLOSED Anti-Malware version 6 host rules

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I upgraded to version 6 yesterday(valid license for 309 days) and I have problem with GUARD:Surf Protection host rules.

With previous version ,I had Malware hosts in Block and notify mode and I created host rules for sites I was trusted(I use megaupload and hotfile for storing files).

In version 6 , I created the same rules but it is still blocking access to these sites.

It doesn't recognise host rules created by the owner...

I create a host rule , press ok to configure the rule and when I open again the Surf protection window the rule I created does not exist...

I tried rebooting but still the same... Now I have Malware hosts in Alert mode and everytime I try to connect to these sites I see a pop up alert-window.

Ofcourse this is very annoyning....

I use vista x86 sp2

p.s. I attached 2 screenshots... I created a rule for Megaupload(don't block), I checked that the rule changed , closed the applications window and opened it few seconds later... my rule had disappeared.

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Am getting the same problem as well. If I leave AM on screen the host rule stays but if I minimise to the tray the rule will immediately disappear.

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It's a bug...

I wrote a support ticket , they asked me to run DeBugView and send them a log.....

they said they will fix it . Let's give them some time...

From: Christian Peters Created: 10/10/2011 5:03:31 PM Hello,

thank you for the log. Looks like it is a bug in our new version. Will be patched soon as possible.

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Hi all, i need say first my english is bad, sry hehe. I am brazilian. I am still with this problem. Any Host rules i try change or add, i got this error " Sorry, your change were not saved. Please reboot your computer and try once again". Well i maked that lots times and not worked. I tryed unistall e install again, and dont worked too.

I have Comodo Firewall and DNS comodo instaled too. I think the problem dont is this.

Tks all.

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