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OA Firewall Status Icon Disappeared


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For reasons unknown to me since today the above mentioned icon does not show up anymore on the list of pictograms when I click on "Properties" on the tray bar.

I can still call up the Firewall Status monitor, but not get the handy little green square back on the tray.

At first even the OA shield icon was also gone. In the Start list I could call OA up, but only make the OA shield icon appear on the tray bar properties list by clicking on OA's update (there was no newer update, as I knew, but I did it to see if I could get the OA shield icon back, and it worked.)

So I have the OA shield icon back on the tray. But not the green square.

I wonder if this has to do with the latest recent new update/version of OA, or with the right after that following Windows updates, among which was the usual program for searching for malicious software.

It was only just now after the required reboot for Windows updates that this problem appeared. But it might have been caused by the equally recent OA new version/update. I don't remember if I had already rebooted for the latter.

I'm thinking of using a complete Windows System backup I made a few weeks ago, and this time make sure I don't get Windows "Searching for malicious software" update on my machine. But I would like to check here first, in case it is caused by the new OA version that was automatically downloaded/installed yesterday.

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Hurray! After a few more reboots the handy little green square is back again. I did not have to reset my machine to the system backup I made 3 weeks ago, and then have to go through downloading/installing all the updates etc. that occurred since then again.

I'll make a new complete system backup of this current situation now.

Problem solved.

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