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Problem with Emsisoft ver. 6


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I got problems with version 6 of Emsisoft Anti-Malware, my computer

all of a sudden out of order, no goes that start.

I must restarted my computer after is happens and then works the to next walk

it happens.

Solution on the problem is that I remove v6 and reinstall old version of Emsisoft

Anti-Malware then after that so works my computer excellent again.

Any prosess that ends to work, but know don´t which.

Sorry for my bad english.


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Well I have been running 6 with beta enabled for a few days now it does seem to be working properly. The only issue I have run into is while doing a scan windows will pause opening new files until I stop the scan... not sure if this is related to the changes in 6.0 or my SSD drive (it's a new one I updated size so I'm not sure how it performs under pressure).

I have had WAC (action center) complain about EAM being off a couple times still.. but of course it is still enabled just out of sync with WAC, but not as often as it happened on 5.0.

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