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Online Armor Free issue


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All of a sudden OA Free version is asking me for a license key after booting into my admin account.

Closing this popup and starting OA manually, I get an error message; 'Access violation at address 5B3D87C9 in module oaui.exe. Write of address 00000050'.

After a reboot and login in to my admin account account, OA again keeps asking for a license key.

Rebooting into my user account gives no license key popup but the above error message about module oaui.exe.

When trying to uninstall OA through Add/Remove Programs routine, I get a message that unins000.msg is missing; no luck, uninstall is a no-go.

Having not removed any OA files, I did a fresh OA Free install and now I've got a boatload of BAK files in the Program Files\Online Armor folder and different versions of files like unins000.exe, unins001.exe etc.

Curious though is that I only have unins001.bat and unins001.msg.

How come if unins000.bat and unins000.msg were already gone? I'd assume that if those were gone ( and really, I haven't got a clue why) a new install would name those 2 new new files 000 instead of 001.

I don't get what happened and I'm a bit lost... :wacko:

Config; Vista x86 SP2, Vipre AV, MBAM Pro, OA Free.

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