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Possible Conlict between OA and CA Antivirus

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The machine on which I have the concern is running Win 7 32 bit

On October 26 my computer did not start after downloading windows update KB915597. I had some issues with downloading the windows update file.

Also downloaded was a CA AV update.

The machine was set to exclude OA from CA and vice-versa.

After attempting to repair the machine I contacted CA who referred me to IYOGI.

A complete windows scan was carried out and a fresh copy of AV Ver7 downloaded.

OA was uninstalled ( Ver. ) as part of troubleshooting. I have no way of knowing if this was the problem but the machine has been working fine since uninstallation of OA.

I have a second networked machine running Win XP Home and both OA and CA and have no problem with this machine.

I am aware of a conflict between OA and Win 7


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Sounds more like something went wrong with either the Windows Update or the CA update or both, rather than anything caused by OA. Without logs or history from OA there is no way to really tell what part OA may have played in it, if any. Chances are just as likely that the problem could have occurred during these updates if OA wasn't even installed at the time.

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