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OA Blocking MS Spyware.


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For the first time since I have enjoyed OA Premium these last years, I just got some OA popups, asking me to allow or block the following 3 items when I used my IE9 browser after not having done that for a long time (Opera is my default, Firefox my second choice):

inetcpl.cpl -> explorer.exe

iexplore.exe -> dwmapi.dll


When I opened IE9 -which I set to make of Google the home page- an IE9 message appeared asking me for permission to have the keystrokes be send to MS through Bing. That is when those OA popups showed up. I allowed it, not knowing what to do yet.

I removed the Bing bar and everything related to it using RevoUnistaller free, then I opened IE9 again, but the MS message asking me to have my keystrokes send on through Bing appeared again. The OA popups also appeared again, and this time I had it block the above mentioned items and remember my decisions.

OA reported that MS wanted to have my browser history, favorites, and HP (brand of my notebook) info send to them.

Before that I had noticed OA showing that something called "seaport" was constantly very active sending and receiving data. I googled it and found out that it is a MS feature taking up a lot of memory. It is part of Windows Live which I don't use, so I had RevoUnistaller remove that as well.

Although I have nothing to hide, just out of principle I congratulate OA for making me aware of these issues, and offering to block the MS spyware.

Some very unflattering info on Seaport:


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It also looks like not allowing those items interferes with automatic Windows updates. I checked for those, and there were a number I had not received. I looked in OA's program list last night and found one of the 2 items as blocked, but could not find the other one -don't remember which one I found and which one I didn't- so to start all over again I un-installed OA and installed it again. This morning when I checked for Windows updates again there were 4 more essential ones, and after installing them OA again asked about "dwmapi.dll" and "inetcpl.cpl", so this time I allowed them and let OA remember my decision.

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