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Log Viewer Set Filter Selections


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It seems like the Log Viewer in ++ on my Win7 system isn't building selections as nicely as in Premium on my XP system. As far as I've observed, these selections populate automatically unless there's something I've been doing that escapes my notice.

The ++ one should have at least as many by now as the Premium.

"Enable logging" is "All activity" and all Firewall Ports rules are set to "User Defaults" for Logging.

Any ideas?


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Yes. Except for Ashampoo A-M, my XP and Win7 systems have near mirror setups. I have been expecting Set Filter for Win 7 would eventually look like XP but that's not happening (OA++SetFilt.jpg & OAPsetFilt.jpg respectively from screenshots above).

Since I don't use the laptop (Win7, OA++) as much as I use my tower, it wasn't until just recently I have directly observed the "Show update notifications" and History functions are failing.

This behavior is consistent and repeatable: I can pick up my laptop after a day and half or so and open the lid and within a minute watch connections open to emsisoft, online-armor and ikarus, monitor a bunch of stuff download and related system activity. No components, threat data base or signature notifications whatsoever. Nor are the usual three entries to be found in History - just those a day or more older (Program Guard, Firewall decision, etc.) from the last time I used the laptop. But I can browse the folders and see a bunch of new files where they would be expected to be.

This behavior is hit or miss: I have "Check for updates" set for one hour. When I work with the laptop for a few hours, I'll usually see three or four virus updates and maybe a threat database and there will either be a notification or not and a History entry or not.

I don't consider these to present any compromise to security or protection as I'm satisfied the updates are implemented correctly. I'm just "Look what I'm seeing" and possibly can we get those secondary features in line. Having log filters is nice. Especially since OAP on WinXP is working so well.


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